J: What's his name?

N: Hallah.

J: Well, go ahead and live in Powerworld. First I have to round up a hundred people. I'm going to stay here until I've finished...

J: You have to enter the correct passcode to get in the travel ship.

J: Name?

N: I entered the code.

J: (talking to handset) Everyone in the city, whoever wants to go to Powerworld...

N: I already entered the password!

J: If you want to enter Powerworld forever, go outside and stand still for five minutes. It will take five minutes to download the process. (N runs outside.)

J: There the rest of the world... mumble mumble... (Loud) Everyone! it will take a new twenty minutes! I will send...

(they run outside.)

(faint snippets heard from a distance:) Help me! Help me!.... the earthquake! brother! they are trying to get you! watch out, they're coming to get your blood! yeacchh! oh yeah? oh yeah? URRRGH! around me! hold it! right... I said hold it! ohhhh... ching! ... every single move... brothers, they're trying to... stop! power... AHHHHHHH! chhkkk shhhu stop! ahhhhhh! ... we didn't even come back again! they're in here! guys! this is where the... I didn't tell you! HAGH! ... you'll live... I'll find another shield... dig everywhere... to find the magic... here's one! ... YAY! schhhhh ...

(they come back in)

J: Yeah, they're kids, just the same age as you. They're still your mom and dad. That's the weird thing.

N: Hm. Let's go.

J: Oh, one more thing. If you want you can travel for fifty miles all the way to another one, because I need cyber shield blades and...

N:... science battle. And what about staffs?

J: Staffs! YES!

N: What about Wonderland?

J: That is way too powerful. We need a hundred things... I can do it. Hey you know, the best place to be in Powerworld would be the national staff room, it's only a hundred miles away from here if you head south.

N: I have a traveler.

J: Nope, it won't work. It only works if you want to get out of our dimension.

(they run off again)