the truth is out there

This is the sort of thing that will come up in your head, I suppose, when you have a grandmother who collects alien-themed trinkets, a friend who paints aliens, and a mother who loves sci-fi.
Willow: The aliens are going to be coming and they suck brain juice and they'll be parking on the trampoline.

Linda: What makes you think that?

Willow: They've never seen Earth. The son might want to see it and the dad might say yes. And they might try to peek in our windows.

Linda, to Scott: Did you plant that in her head?

Scott: [looks innocent]

Linda, to Willow again: So, what do you suggest we do to prepare for this?

Willow: Put milk and cookies out on the table outside and then while they're eating the milk and cookies we sneak outside and get into the car and go to Grandma's house. So that's my basic plan.

Linda: How long will we have to stay at Grandma's?

Willow: I don't know, that depends on the aliens.

Linda: Well what makes you think they want to come here anyway? Why aren't they going to [neighbor's] house?

Willow, totally seriously: [Neighbor's] house is a little freaky for aliens.

That last bit totally had me cracking up.

I have to add that we did have the conversation, before and after the above exchange, about whether aliens are real and how likely it is that even in the event that they exist, that they'd be able to visit Earth and that they'd specifically choose to visit *us*. Although I don't want to make her think I know something that I actually don't, I did go so far as to assert that it's simply not going to happen. It didn't help dispel her feeling for the possibility. We also talked about the spurious notion that aliens would find our brains an appealing meal. Would you want to eat an alien brain, I asked her? Maybe, I said, they're thinking the same thing about us. She wondered then if the reason they're not visiting is because they're scared of us, and what we could do to let them know that they don't need to be. She eventually decided she'd like to meet one. Maybe I have an Ellie on my hands?

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