stealth learning

This morning Noah was sitting very quietly in front of a page of text on the computer, which caught my attention because usually he's moving around and making sounds and using the keyboard (game playing behavior.) I asked him what he was up to, and he replied, "Reading about how Neopets got started." I said, "Oh really?!, What's it say?" He read me a bit at which point I got excited and interrupted him to run and get the video camera. In the midst of my filming him, I realized that the "clank-clank-clank" of something in the dryer was going on in the background, and I asked him to do it again but he was tired of performing. I asked him if I could put it up on my blog though and he said yes.

So without further ado, Noah reading:

In case you can't hear very well what he was reading, here it is:

Neopets® began from an idea Adam had way back in 1997 while sitting in a dingy little computer room, possibly while eating kebabs or pizza. The site was launched on November 15th 1999. Our aim is to keep adding new and exciting games, puzzles and activities daily, and hopefully keep you all entertained!!!

So: This is a nine-year-old boy who has never had any formal reading instruction, and whom we don't test. He also, as I just noted, is not a performer. So even though I probably should know better by now, I'm still a little surprised when he just up and reads something. It feels a little like, now wait a minute, when did that happen?!