math and bedtime

Noah: "Story problem, Linda, story problem!"
Linda: "Uhhh... uhhh... 150 times 4."
Noah: "That's not a story problem!"
Linda: "Noah, 10:30 at night isn't an ideal time for my brain to be working this way."
We head into Scott's room where Jake is effectively crushing him with a goodnight hug.
Noah: "Scott, story problem!"
Scott: groan
Noah: "Okay, how about a riddle?"
Linda to Scott: "What were those riddles in The Hobbit?"
Scott, rubbing eyes: "Oh, I don't know."
Noah: "Story problem, story problem!"
Linda: "How about if I write some out for you tomorrow morning."
Noah: "What if you forget?"
Linda: "I won't forget. Or I could just go get you a math workbook." [thinking of the torturous regularity with which I encountered story problems in math workbooks at school]
Noah, making horns gesture and banging head to indicate how rockin' an idea this is: "YES!"
Linda: "Great. Now let's get to bed."
Linda leaves room.
Noah: "Riddle, Scott, riddle!"
Scott: "In the morning I have four legs, in the afternoon I have two legs, and in the evening I have three legs. What am I?"
Noah, mumbling to himself: "four legs... two legs..."
Jake: "That's a hard one."
Noah: "Wait, I can figure it out. Three legs..."
Scott, eyelids drooping: "Think about it and tell me in the morning."
Noah: "Two legs..."
Jake: "It's impossible."
Scott: "Gedouddahere!"
Children scurry into bed.
Noah: "Good night Scott!"
Scott: "Rock on, Noah."

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