the key ingredient

Today I spent all morning doing some organizational work for an online forum that I belong to. It was making me kind of grumpy because it was taking far longer than I expected it to, and along the way I had to spend some time putting my two cents into a Very Important Issue that was being discussed there. When I was done with that I put some moldy blankets in the wash that got left out in the rain in Willow's secret hideout "Wonderland" while we were at the conference over the weekend. After that I looked at all the dishes in the sink and decided I wasn't quite hungry enough yet to deal with them. Then walking through the playroom it occurred to me that the board games take up too much room where there should be a nice display of pretty rainbow-hued wooden toys, and in the moment this seemed very important to me to deal with immediately. I decided they should go into the drawers in the dining room built-in hutch instead, which tends to get stuffed with stuff when we're trying to clean up quick for company, so I had to deal with that first if I was going to put the board games there. Going through piles of crap, some of which I might need someday but don't know what to do with in the meantime, had me feeling even more grumpy.

Then R spilled a glass of milk on the table which soaked into some of the piles and as I was scrambling to move them as milk flowed across the table and down onto the rug, I noticed that Jake and Noah took a brief moment in their video game playing to glance over at the commotion and decide that it didn't need their further attention so they went right back to their video game and that irritated me enough on top of everything else that I yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT'S GOING ON HERE! I NEED HELP!" So they jumped up and Jake got a towel and Noah took R upstairs to distract her with Paper Mario because she was upset by my yelling.

After helping me mop up the mess, Jake said, rather pointedly, "I think it's getting to be chocolate season around here." And then, when I didn't respond to his satisfaction, "We need to go into town and get the key ingredient to happiness."

I mean, really, I'm laughing just writing that out. Who could stay mad? Thankfully the kids got their papa's sense of humor. Because clearly I take myself and my life way too seriously and occasionally need to be nudged back into the reality that these things don't matter and that by giving them power I am causing my own suffering (not to mention that of those around me.) "With a little help from my friends"... in this case the ones I gave birth to. Yeah, chocolate is good, but I know what the real key ingredient is around here.