I read somewhere once about an experiment, written about from the perspective of one of the participants: a group of people had gathered together for some kind of self-improvement seminar. The facilitator gave them the opportunity to take part in an exercise in which they would first be blindfolded, then paired up randomly and asked to explore their partner's bodies. The person relating the story, a young man, said that what he sensed with his hands was that his partner was voluptuous with large breasts and soft skin. He said that touching her aroused him, and that she responded in kind, and they ended up kissing. After a few minutes they were asked to take off their blindfolds, and he was very surprised to find himself facing an elderly woman.

The story had a profound effect on me when I read it, when I was also still young; suddenly I was conscious of the fact that the visual world, though undeniably prominent for most of us, is not inherently the defining source for value, and that there is a whole world of feelings that are unique to themselves and independently valid.