River, narrow but deep, clear blue water, the current moving me. I am carrying something, a small highly conscious being, like a small child but more the size of a tiny monkey, that I have saved, or rather it has saved itself by attaching itself to me. Before, I was watching the being save itself by grabbing onto this human, now I am this human.

We are being followed, by people who do not mean us well. On our left is a high bank of smooth rock with round outcroppings but most of these are impossible to get a hold on. But I know where I can get up and I climb easily. I have no fear of the pursuers.

Now I am searching for a place to hide. They are coming. My people are gone, captured or escaped, I don't know which. I will it to appear, this scoop in the rock where I fit my body and that of the being. I fear for a moment that it won't be quiet enough, but it understands when I put my finger to my lips. I have glimpses of the intruders, but they do not see us. I feel safe here but know I cannot leave. I know they will post a lookout for some time, to wait for me to appear. We stay there, drinking water from my flask, for many days.

They are here again. I see them coming, barely in time for me to squeeze under a wooden platform, soft dirt beneath me. It is not a very good hiding place. Strangely, they have children with them, and one of them comes to play. The children are not my enemy. One looks under the platform, sees me, and I whisper urgently that she must not let them know that I am here. She agrees. She is not afraid of me. But then another child comes and sees me and calls to them. I leap out and run into the forest. I am too fast for them, and I know the forest better. They do not follow for long.