not school

What today has looked like so far at our house:

Things we've talked about:
the concept of "laziness"
what it means to be "free" in our society
social engineering
planned helplessness
the class system
Greek mythology
the diet of ancient humans
the difference between "diet" and "dieting"
types and causes of eating disorders 

sleeping until awake
talking to and holding chickens
making an alphabet book with faces and names
asking and answering spelling questions
making up imaginary scenarios with dolls
making cookies
playing outside
playing piano
having a friend over to play
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Mine Craft

This is the process of learning and growth that makes sense to us. To layer "class time", lectures, assignments, reports, tests and grades etc. over it is worse than unnecessary, it would be a distraction, an obscuration, and ultimately a barrier. I don't think school is inherently bad or wrong, but its function in its present form in our society is not, after all, to foster a love of learning, exploration, and invention.