Homeschool... sort of?

Having just spent six weeks in a school environment, W wanted to see what it would look like to put a schoolish framework around her life today. This is what we came up with. Basically, the sorts of things we do already, but categorizing and structuring it.

1. intention
"My intention for the day is for it to go well."

2. thoughts/questions/planning (Where is your mind this morning?)
"What is the weather at the beach?"
Answer from Google: Partly cloudy today, sunny tomorrow.
"Can we go to the beach tomorrow?"

3. current events/social studies
We watched this and talked about it:

We read this article about a boy who went to church to ask to be adopted. In the article was a reference to The Heart Gallery, so we looked that up. We talked about whether we could adopt or foster a child and read about it here.

We watched this interview with Malala Yousafzai and talked about terrorism, education, and human rights:

4. snack

5. math
Reviewed basic arithmetic at Khan Academy.

6. spelling
Word list:

general, social, then, snack, recess, spelling, literature, study, studies, weather, beach, tomorrow, women, adopt

7. physical activity
Stretched, ran around outside.

8. lunch 
At the co-op.


9. science

W found a rock from our garden, and identified it as basalt using The Rock Key. 

8. music
We listened to Rachmaninoff's The Sea and the Seagulls, written in 1911.

W's comments: "Quiet in the beginning, sad, could have been a soundtrack or from a silent movie. It made me think of birds and the sea and the wind and Alison in Wonderland."

9. physical activity 
Ran around the block.

10. literacy and stories
The Boy Who Ate Around (you can see the whole book at

11. art