this morning

I gathered usnea. The lichen has a slightly acrid smell, but on my hands it smells wonderful. Swoon-wonderful. Though I collected the usnea from our box elder tree this morning, and am now disappointed to learn that it absorbs heavy metals so should not be collected for use where it grows close to roadways.

It was cold this morning. I was walking at a brisk pace in order to warm up, and suddenly realized I'd better not because the road was slick, though it didn't look like it (black ice.) It was nice being out early because it was so calm. I walked east to a "little library", then back toward the school, stopping to take pictures of plants. I'm interested in plants that thrive in the winter, stay green and beautiful. The exception being most conifers, which feel too dark and heavy to me. The exception to that being the redwoods, though they shouldn't have been planted in a residential area, they feel soft and majestic and magical.